Reclaim Her Name
The Brief
Create a new cover for the 1832 novel "Indiana" for the "Reclaim Her Name" project from the Women's Prize for Fiction (UK) and Bailey's Irish Cream to celebrate the award's 25th Anniversary. Indiana was one of 25 books originally published under male aliases that was republished under the female author's given name. For the first time, there would be a cover of "Indiana" with Amantine Aurore Dupin's name proudly displayed.

While the launch of this project sparked discussion on gender, sexuality and naming conventions of the 19th century, I wanted to keep this project up. While I wish the naming conventions (and, truthfully, the project) had been more thought through, I am glad I was able to read George Sand's work and create the cover art. To read more about it, this article summed it up nicely.
A screenshot of a CNN article on an orange background.An illustrated cover with three faceless woman and a sun on a grey background.
My design
There are three distinct points in Indiana's life, marked by her location or her lover. For this cover, we wanted to show Indiana's growth and transformation throughout the book.
A grid of images and sketches tilted at a 45 degree angle.A collection of books with illustrated covers.A collection of books with illustrated covers.