The Realest Oracle
The Brief
Create an oracle deck with the intention of helping people to create, connect, love, and grieve on  life’s journey with writer, creator and spiritualist Kendra Austin.
Thre realest oracle box surrounded by crystals, a hand in the background.
Using Kendra’s descriptions of the cards and their intended feelings/effects, I came up with the different illustrations for each card. In planning the 53 illustrations, Kendra and I wanted a diversity of characters in many ways: race, skin color, expression, ability, size, etc. The colors for each card coordinate with the element the card represents. For example, an earthy card like SOLITUDE shows a character reading on the couch in jammies, the room varies shades of green.
Sketches from the realest oracleFull-color illustrations from the realest oracleBria's hand holding the SOULMATE, DAYDREAMING, INDULGE and SOLITUDE cards
In starting the ideation process, the following elements were priorities: (1) The illustration of the card, (2) the title, (3) the number and (4) the color. The cover and back of the cards signal the color palette: an aura to represent the four elements. The number is important for those who incorporate numerology into their tarot and oracle deck practices. All of these things were kept in mind when designing the face of the card, the back, the box, and the interior of the guidebook
A collage of artboards from Photoshop and Illustrator of the realest oracle deckPhotos of the realest oracle box sliding into a purse, and cards laid out in front of the box over a gradient background.
A collage of artboards from Photoshop and Illustrator of the realest oracle deck
This lettering was created by Jackie Rivera.