Oprah's Book Club
The Brief
I was asked to create a series of illustrations called “Reading Rituals” to show different ways the readers in the diverse community of the Book Club enjoy their books. Illustrations were created to meet different prompts, such as “Bed Reader,” “E-reader,” and “Waiting in Line Reader,” as well as themes to engage with the current book.
A grid of illustrations tilted at a 45 degree angle.A woman with a large afro and 60s-era chunky white sunglasses reads an orange book covered in flowers over a flowy background.A Black woman reads to her child from a tablet on a bed.
A woman in pajamas lounges on a bed while reading, her face covered by the book.A woman in a yellow chair reads on a tablet in front of plants and windows.
A woman reads on a couch surrounded by plants and a sleeping cat.
A woman in a purple sweater covers her face with a book with the quote "A word after a word after a word is power" across the covers.A woman listens to an audiobook sitting on her window sill.