Instagram Stories
The Brief
We were given the task of encouraging Gen Z to use Instagram Stories to express themselves using Stories. Outside of the highlights of life like homecoming or graduation, Gen Z was too afraid to post on Stories, reserving their funny moments for other platforms. Using Stories to teach Gen Z the tools of the platform, we created thousands of 15-second videos to show there are a million ways to be their authentic selves in Stories.
My role
With such a fast-paced client and project, I had the privilege of getting to work on the project in several different capacities. I worked on the system we used to organize the 12 territories of content, created illustrations and helped direct the external illustrators we collaborated with, assisted with on-set art direction during shoots, and worked with our Content Studio on animation and sound.
Instagram branding images tilted at a 45 degree angle.5 panels with the middle set in an iPhone.5 panels of a chocolate bar, with the third set inside a phone.
the team
Rebecca Rumble
Nadia Saccardo
Lydia Daniel
Isobel Oliphant
Jessica Norris
Zoe Lyle
Zoe Farrell
and more