Instagram Explore
The Brief
Our team was given the brief of showing Gen Z how Instagram’s Explore feature can help them find and engage in the things they care about in 6 different assets. To do this, we created 6 different characters, and brought their interests to life using content sourced from the platform. From sports, to crystals, to travel to tattoos, it can all be found on Instagram.
A phone with "WHAT YOU LOVE LIVES HERE" on purple, set over two rows of images.
My role
I worked with the copy and art director team to concept the 6 characters and their interests, source talent, art direct commissions and licensed content, and even directed a zoom shoot as we cut the shoe (it’s cake!). One of my greatest additions to this project was the design system. Each asset consisted of 6 cards: intro, interest 1, interest 2, interest 3, explore grid, and Instagram logo. Assets needed to be fit within Instagram’s established brand of bright colors and gradients, be differentiated, and able to work as A/B versions.  
6 panels to show the full ad, with the phone on the 5th panel.A collection of images to show the design system of the Instagram project.Two rows of 16:9 images with different art pieces on a gray background.
the team
Megan Plevy
Lim Woohyun
Luis Aguilera
Jon Klein
Elyse Nganwuchu
Steve Intrabartola